Karen Langata District Association

Since 1940, KLDA has represented residents of the Karen and Langata suburbs of Nairobi, striving to ensure that Karen and Langata are well-serviced, safe, peaceful and environmentally-friendly areas to live.

Hardy Safi

With a bottle bank positioned in the Langata Link car park (Langata South Road), we actively collect donations towards Hardy Safi – a small group set up by three Hardy residents, aimed at keeping the local neighbourhood clean and tidy. With employed staff dedicated to rubbish-collecting, strategically-placed rubbish bins, and community fund-raising to keep the area looking the way it does, Hardy Safi is a worthy charity for local residents and anyone else wanting to preserve this pretty Nairobi suburb.

St. Paul’s Children Care Centre

St. Paul’s Children Care Centre is a registered N.G.O. in Kenya, who’s core activity is the running of a children’s home situated near Ngong town, Nairobi. St. Paul’s children’s home cares for 67 orphans at the moment, ranging from babies of only 2 months to grown teenagers, in the form of care, shelter, clothing and education (the care centre includes a primary school). Langata Link has just started supporting St. Paul’s Children Care Centre, deciding to forego our annual staff Christmas party to pay a visit to the children’s home with gifts, clothing, foodstuffs and some fun games for the children. We will post some images of this event within our news pages, and keep you up to date regarding further developments.

The Mount Kenya Trust

A keen supporter of reforestation projects, the Langata Link group of companies will be sponsoring a Water Stop at the Mount Kenya Trust’s 2013 ’10 to 4′ Bicycle Challenge. The 10 to 4 event has been held annually for the past 11 years, to raise funds for Mount Kenya’s local communities and conservation efforts – with a particular focus on reforestation next year.