How do I register a company or business?
  • One has to register a trading name with the registrar of companies.
  • In order to do this, we will arrange a search – including the submission of at least 3
    alternative names for your business. The cost is Kshs 100 per name.
  • This search will take 3-7 working days.
  • As soon as the search has been approved, we will arrange the completion of specific forms, and payment will need to be made for the business certificate. If it is a Limited company however, a lawyer will need to be involved to prepare Memorandum and Articles of association
What do I need to renew my dog license?
  • Nairobi City council requires each dog to have a license, to ensure that it is fully vaccinated and registered.


  • Dog licenses are valid for one year, therefore these need to be renewed at the beginning of every year.


  • We will require an up-to-date vet / vaccination card for each dog, in order to complete the process.
How do i apply for a birth certificate?
  • In order for us to arrange a birth certificate, we will need the birth notification slip (from the hospital where the baby was born), copies of both parents’ ID cards or passports, and we will give you the B4 form for completion.
How do I register with NSSF & NHIF and how do I process the payment for my staff?
  • Firstly, you will need to register as an employer (which we can arrange for you), after which your staff will need to register as employees.


  • We will provide you with step-by-step details for this process, after which NSSF / NHIF contributions can be made through our office on a monthly, quarterly or annual basis.
How do I apply for a PIN Number?
  • Your PIN number is an important Personal Identification Number, which is required in order to make any business transactions in Kenya (e.g. purchasing land or a vehicle).


  • In order for us to arrange you PIN number and certificate, we will need Kenyan citizens to provide us with their original ID card, and non-citizens to provide us with their original Alien card.